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About - Dhipa Lee,
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Dhipa Aziz Lee

D.A. Lee Dhipa Lee Author of Written

Loving, creative, inspirational

From a very early age I had always had a passion for writing, it’s a place where I can be alone with my thoughts, feelings, emotions and imagination. Writing helped me understand myself and others. I often describe my book as my friend. Through trauma it was the place that accepted and loved me, it was the place where I could be myself and let my creativity and imagination loose, but most of all it is a place that  inspired me to improve myself and help others.

When I started writing my book, it was these three elements that built the foundation of my writing. I aim to always write from a loving, creative and inspirational place. At the heart of my writing is to help women find the courage to love themselves and be themselves. I hope that you enjoy reading my books and that they find a place in  your heart.

"I wasn't born for it all to be written for me....I was born to write it.." Dhipa Lee - Author of the book 'Written' A heart-wrenching story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour.

I am known as D.A. Lee or Dhipa Lee, I am a Bangladeshi-born British author, artist and poet, best known for my Novel ‘Written’ published in 2019. I was raised in a small town in Lancashire, England. My book describes the cultural challenges of growing up in a Bengali household whilst navigating a western world.

Whilst my Novel is fictional, it does draw on many of my own experiences of growing up in a Muslim family and through it I explore the underworld of cultural expectations, arranged marriages, honour, abuse and domestic violence that often limit women’s choices.

I first started writing as a form of self-healing through the challenges of home life. The word ‘Written’ had become a poignant theme throughout the book, a word often expressed culturally to describe the notion of determinism and predestination adopted by some traditional Muslim families as a way of life. 

I wanted to take you on a journey in this world through my main character Eleanor, a young girl caught between a web of family secrets and lies where she comes into conflict with these values. 

Your Voice is your Power

Today I am an advocate for women’s freedom of choice and I encourage women to speak out and seek help if they feel they are in danger. 

I urge you to speak out because you are beautiful inside and out and you matter. Harness this truth. Embrace it. Fill yourself up with this one golden truth, because this is what will guide you to who you really came here to be.

I hope that one day through our expression, by raising our voice, by speaking out, by sharing our ideas and values women will no longer have to tolerate the inequalities and injustices they face today. 

Every woman should know they have a choice. They can choose not to be silent, they can choose not to give in and by starting with just that they have made the choice to lead an extraordinary life. ‘ 

D.A. Lee, Author of ‘Written – A Story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour.

Dhipa Lee Quotes from Written a Story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour



To write from a place of love and not for ego, hate or malice. My writing aims to see into the eyes of others and connect readers with the characters, emotions and feelings.


I aim to create a world in my stories that people can visit as often as they like. A place where they can feel, see, taste and see that image coming to life. I aim to create a truly immersive reading experience.


At the heart of my books I aim to reach to women,to be a voice for women and to help them find courage to make better choices for themselves. It is at the heart of who I came here to be.